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Component Video

Component Video

Component Video is also called YPbPr, or YCbCr and transmits the picture information in a luminance and phase-opposite chrominance pair over three coax cables [Red, Green, and Blue]. RGB [Red, Green, Blue] is some times also called Component Video, but combine the color, black and white signal

YPbPr is ‘sometimes’ used when discussing the three-wire analog video component interface EIA-770 [EIA-770.2-a SMPTE-240M and others]. The luminance (Y) is represented separately from the color components (Pb and Pr).
In some cases The Y output is provided as a Green jack, the Pb is provided as a Blue jack, and the Pr is provided as a Red jack. The ‘Y’ signal carries the black and white information, The ‘Pb’ and ‘Pr’ signals carry the color difference signals.

YCbCr is used when discussing a digital component interface ITU-601 or ITU-656 digital interfaces (formerly CCIR-601, CCIR-656). Y is Luminance, Cb is Blue Chromanance, and Cr is Red Chromanance. CCIR-601 defines an 8-bit DIGITAL 2’s compliment coding for component video

RGB is the component format in which the primary colors (red, green, and blue) are transmitted as three independent components. The color, black and white signals are combined within these three signals. Only using RGB inputs requires separate horizontal and vertical sync inputs. RGB presents a better [TV] signal than the other forms of Component video, S-Video, Composite Video, or RS-170. RGB sends each signal on a separate cable and does not mix the color signals.

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